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Residential Painting in Melbourne

Is the paintwork around your household deteriorating due to age or constant exposure to the elements? If so, you should consider hiring a professional house painter to revitalise the look of your home with a fresh coat of paint.

Caulfield Painting is a licensed and insured local business that provides premium residential painting in Melbourne. We offer reliable and highly affordable home painting services to help enhance the look of your home by giving it an excellent finish that you and your family will love. You can rely on our team of qualified house painters to provide an exceptional service and ensure the job is done in no time.

The Caulfield Painting team has experience painting a wide range of residential properties, including houses, units, apartments, townhouses and more. Our many years of experience mean we can work on all kinds of house painting projects, including interior painting and exterior painting. Whether you just want one wall painted or a whole house painted, our house painters in Melbourne can take on painting jobs of all sizes. Check out some of our past projects to see what we’re capable of.

Our Painting Process

Our painting team will begin by speaking with you so we can understand your expectations and determine what the job requires. We will show you a wide range of colour options to help you choose the best option that will complement your home. We will also evaluate the condition of your house’s existing paintwork so we can ascertain how much work will be required to restore it. Once we understand what has to be done, our residential painters in Melbourne will start carrying out the necessary work, using appropriate painting equipment and methods to get the job done.

The Benefits of Hiring Our Professional House Painters


Superior Quality Workmanship

When you contact Caulfield Painting for residential painting in Melbourne, you can rest assured that our team of painters are fully qualified and experienced. We use high-quality paints from leading brands, ensuring that your paintwork will look fantastic and last for many years to come.

Save Time

While many homeowners believe they’re capable of painting their house themselves, if they don’t have the right equipment and don’t know what they’re doing, it can take a long time to complete the job. Hiring our professional house painters to do the work for you will ultimately save you a lot of time and hassle.

Superior Safety

Caulfield Painting has carried out countless residential and commercial painting jobs over the years, and that experience means we know how important safety is on any job. Our customers can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that our house painters in Melbourne are trained and knowledgeable when it comes to the safety requirements of professional painting services. We use sturdy ladders and painting equipment to get the job done safely, and we clean up after ourselves once our work is done to ensure both our safety and yours.

Contact the Team at Caulfield Painting Today

If you’re looking for experienced residential painters in Melbourne who can transform the look of your home, get in touch with Caulfield Painting today. Call us on 0430 370 046 or contact us online to arrange a consultation. You can also enquire about our additional services for residential properties, including bathroom renovations and laundry renovations.


A: The frequency of residential house painting varies based on factors like climate and paint quality. Generally, it's recommended to repaint every 5-10 years for optimal maintenance and aesthetics.

A: As experienced house painters in Melbourne, we suggest painting the exterior during dry and mild weather conditions. Spring and fall are often ideal, providing moderate temperatures and less humidity.

A: While it's not always necessary to vacate the premises during house painting, it's recommended to consider factors like ventilation and personal comfort. We work efficiently and minimize disruptions during the process.

A: The amount of paint needed for a 3 bedroom house depends on factors like room size and desired coverage. As professional residential painters in Melbourne, we can accurately estimate the paint quantity for your project.

A: The duration to paint a room depends on factors like room size, surface preparation, and complexity. Typically, our skilled house painters can complete a standard-sized room within a day or two.

A: Painting a 3 bedroom house requires multiple factors to be considered, such as room size, surface condition, and the number of coats. Generally, our residential painting services in Melbourne can complete such a project in about a week.

A: The cost of painting a 2 bedroom house in Australia varies based on factors like surface condition, paint quality, and additional services required. Contact our residential painters for a customized quote tailored to your specific needs.

A: The paint requirement for a room depends on factors like room size, number of coats, and paint type. While 4 litres may be sufficient for a small room with one coat, larger rooms or additional coats may require more paint.

A: The cost of residential painting depends on various factors, such as surface area, preparation, and complexity. Generally, painting the interior of a house is more cost-effective compared to exterior painting due to less surface area and preparation requirements.

A: Painting a house's interior and exterior duration varies based on factors like house size, surface condition, and the number of coats. Our efficient house painters in Melbourne aim to complete a residential painting project within a few weeks.

A: Estimating the cost before house painting helps you plan your budget effectively. It ensures transparency and helps our residential painters in Melbourne understand your requirements to provide an accurate quote for your project.

A: The cost to paint a ceiling depends on factors like ceiling size, height, and condition. Contact our professional house painters for a detailed quote on your residential painting project, including ceiling painting.

A: Yes, proper wall preparation is crucial for a successful residential painting project. Our house painters in Melbourne recommend washing the walls to remove dirt, grease, and other contaminants that can affect the paint's adhesion.

A: Yes, you can generally stay in the house during the residential painting process. Our experienced house painters take precautions to minimize disruptions and ensure your comfort while delivering quality results.

A: The recommended drying time for a freshly painted room varies depending on factors like paint type, ventilation, and humidity. Generally, it's advisable to wait at least 24-48 hours before sleeping in a newly painted room.

A: Painting an entire house in one day is not feasible for most projects. It requires careful planning, sufficient manpower, and proper drying time between coats. Our professional house painters in Melbourne prioritize quality and efficiency over rushed work.

A: The number of coats required for a house painting project depends on factors like the condition of the surface, desired color, and paint quality. Typically, our residential painting services include applying two coats for a durable and uniform finish.

A: Absolutely! Our experienced house painters in Melbourne can assist you with color selection for your residential painting project. We provide expert advice and help you choose colors that suit your preferences and enhance your home's aesthetic appeal.

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