Bathroom Renovations

Professional Bathroom Renovators in Melbourne Is the look of your bathroom outdated or drab? If so, get in touch with Caulfield Painting – one of the leading bathroom renovators in Melbourne. Our expert team can...

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Exterior Painting

Exterior House Painting in Melbourne Is the exterior paintwork of your house cracking, flaking, bubbling or peeling off? This type of paint deterioration inevitably happens to all external walls due to exposure to the elements...

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Interior Painting

Interior Painting in Melbourne Do you want to get the interior of your property painted? Caulfield Painting has many years of experience providing high-quality interior painting for Melbourne homes. We can paint the inside of...

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Laundry Renovation

Laundry Renovations in Melbourne The laundry is quite possibly the hardest working and most underappreciated room in any household. But while a laundry should first and foremost be built in a way that allows it to...

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